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      Asia General Trading Company can supply commodity products from Asia, South America and CIS countries "*** Please forward us your inquiries and our traders will send you the best price in the market****     
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Asia General Trading Company

Asia General Trading is a large trading company that supplies and distributes agricultural, industrial, consumer goods and products throughout the country. The company is engaged in import and export of mentioned goods in a broad range of domestic and foreign brands with various capacities and quantities. The company’s, Asia General Trading, business activities are not limited to supply, import and export of agricultural, industrial and consumer goods, but it is involved with other fields in business area such as taking and granting sales representative, cooperating with traders and exporters settled in ports, working together with other Iranian corporations involved with importing goods, services and etc. Among the Asia General Trading Company’s superiorities to indicate are cutting out the present intermediaries and providing customers with goods at direct factory and manufacturer price. Asia General Trading Company is prepared to cooperate in following fields:
  • To introduce the goods and products of partner companies on Asia General Trading Website
  • To grant and get sales representative without any limitation in the range of goods
  • To import any kind of products without restriction
  • To get sales and distribution representative of Iranian companies that are active abroad
  • To export Iranian products
  • To provide offshore distribution companies with Iranian products
  • To cooperate with other Iranian companies importing goods and services
  • To corporate with all frontiersmen’s cooperatives, tradesmen and traders based in Iran’s ports
  • To cooperate with companies having temporary import/export licenses permitting them to export and import into Iran
  • To cooperate with companies engaged in importing and exporting goods to adjacent countries, especially Azerbaijan (Baku), Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE (Dubai) and Pakistan
  • To cooperate with Iranians settled in UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan
  • To cooperate with traders settled in Chabahar port, Bandar-Abbas, Khoramshahr, Asaloyeh, Kish and Gheshm islands and other boundry points, to import goods
  • To cooperate with consumer goods centers such as consumers cooperatives and public and private sections
  • To cooperate with large and small projects executers and contractors in order to supply them with required goods
  • To cooperate with importers and exporters, looking for joint investment in the field of importing and exporting goods
  • To sell and purchase your products exclusively and monopolistically
  • To cooperate with companies representing goods in exhibitions at home and abroad

Asia General Trading Company by presenting its commercial products and services on its website and with the aim of easing business communications will appreciate any suggestions or cooperation requests.

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